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About me

My name is Bhavesh (most people call me Bhav). Here is a little bit about me.


I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist but I don’t mind saying that this wasn’t my first career. Most therapists (or counsellors - really these words are interchangeable) will have done something else in their lives that eventually brought them to the world of counselling.  It’s this life experience and exploration of self that fuels the journey to becoming a therapist. 


What I love about counselling

Being a counsellor feels natural to who I am as a person and something I feel completely connected to. I love the deeper conversations, curiosity about why things are the way they are, the energy that comes from two people truly connecting and the life changing experiences that come from talking. Talking is empowering and some kind of magic happens in the therapy room (even when it’s online) that I can’t quite do justice in words.  You know I was a sceptic before I had my own therapy earlier in my life. Can talking to a stranger really help me in a meaningful way? It did. It changed my life. I should caveat that by saying the right counsellor will do that for you……it’s important that you find someone you can connect to.


I have observed people overcome fears in their life, obstacles that have hindered them for years. I have also experienced the joy when you see somebody truly come alive or discover something about themselves that has been holding them back. I have been there to support people through painful moments and difficult times. I have seen real change in people and been there to provide challenge and insight along the way. Talking is not just empowering, it’s healing too. 

I love people and want the best for them; patience, empathy and compassion feel natural to me. For this I owe gratitude to my family and particularly my grandparents who taught me these traits from a young age. Living with my grandparents was a real blessing and I have unpacked through my own therapy the impact they had on me.

What inspired me to become a counsellor

Being a second generation immigrant our family remained close as we navigated our way through life in the UK. We collectively shared our pain and joy. This also included our mental health challenges. I have only recently learnt to appreciate the difficulties they faced as refugees and how this has played out in my life. My upbringing and family history have undoubtedly influenced my journey into counselling. From a young age, I developed a curiousiy about people and how we all interact with each other. I was aware of how we are shaped by our culture and wider enivornment. 

How did I get to where I am now

I initially trained as a Chartered Accountant a long while ago. It was completely the right profession for me at the time when I was a young twenty-something putting down roots. But as time has moved on and aspects of my character have evolved and matured, I felt drawn to counselling and psychotherapy.  I still do some finance work (the bits that I enjoy!) but counselling is where my passion lies and where I feel I’m at my best. 

I have completed a Diploma in Gestalt Counselling from the Albany Centre in St Albans and a Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Counselling Foundation (also based in St Albans). I have been a counsellor at the Psychosynethis Trust (a wonderful organisation) and at Mosaic Counselling (where I did my training and still work as a sessional counsellor). You will also find me at the Carvalho Consultancy, where I provide counselling services for those working in the legal and corporate sectors. 


Given how my life has unfolded, I have a particular interest in providing culturally sensitive therapy, supporting others around making important life changes (such as career change) and working with those who are from the corporate world. I have an appreciation for what happens when you feel disillusioned and don’t know where to turn or how to overcome the ‘stuckness’. Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, isolation, trauma can affect us all in different ways, there is no shame in reaching out to somebody who will understand. If you are curious about whether counselling could work for you, you can always book a free online consultation with me. 

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